About Us

The Women’s and Gender History Symposium is convened by a committee of graduate students in the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign’s History Department. UIUC’s History Graduate Student Association supports the Symposium and nominates its committee members.

2024 WGHS Organizing Committee

2024 WGHS Organizing Committee. Top row (left to right): Andy Stec, George Kumasenu, Tabitha Cochran, Julian Polanski. Bottom row (left to right): Priyanka Zylstra, Laurel Darling, Brunna Bozzi, Lily Denehy. Not pictured: Albert Lopez, Nathan Runnels.
Committee Chairs:

Tabitha Cochran and Priyanka Zylstra


Laurel Darling


Nathan Runnels


Brunna Bozzi, Lily Denehy, George Kumasenu, Albert Lopez, Julian Polanski, Andy Stec

Contact Us: wghs.uiuc@gmail.com